Name: Vladimir Fedoseyev

Date of birth: March 9, 1941

Position: senior scientist

Scientific degree: Ph.D.


Areas of professional experience: Institute of Physics and Astronomy of the Estonian Acad. Sci.: postgraduate studies (1964-1968), junior scientist (1968-1973); Institute of Physics of the Estonian Acad. Sci.: junior scientist (1973-1977), senior scientist (1977-1997); Institute of Physics, University of Tartu: senior scientist (1997 up to now)

Honors/awards: 1985 State Prize of Estonian SSR in Science (with co-workers)

Participation in scientific organizations: Estonial Physical Society

Participation in (international) scientific meetings: 2nd International Conference "Singular Optics (optical vortices)", 2-6 October 2000, Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine

Number of scientific publications: 70

List of publications since 1996: V.G.Fedoseyev, "Transverse and lateral shifts of the centre of gravity of Laguerre-Gaussian beam at reflection", Proc.SPIE, v.4403, pp.91-98

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