December 10th, 2011

Research plan:

The group is active mostly in the field of multi-band superconductivity. Some of the successes include the modelling of the properties of MgB2, doping-created interband coupling mechanism for high-TC cuprates, and the study superconducting fluctuations. We are also active in such directions as nonlinear quantum optic effects and stochastic effects in phase transitions. Further research together with the other groups includes the study of superconducting, magnetic and electronic mesoscale orderings (G1, G2); stochastic phenomena in multi-gap superconductors (Josephson junctions, vortex transport) (G4); phase transitions and nonlinear dynamics in spatially restricted systems (G1, G2, G4); the development of new models of mesosystems (G1, G2, G4, G5).

G6 group:

  1. Teet Örd, PhD
  2. Stefan Groote, PhD
  3. Nikolai Kristoffel, DSc
  4. Aleksandr Pishtshev, PhD
  5. Küllike Rägo, PhD
  6. Rein Saar, PhD
  7. Artjom Vargunin, PhD


  1. Kadri Veende, doctoral student
  2. Hardi Veermäe, doctoral student