December 10th, 2011

Research plan:

The main goal of our activity is to develop theoretical basis for various manifestations of stochastic processes and their applications in inter-disciplinary spheres. Possible applications range from superconductors to intercellular protein transport to methods of particle separation in nanotechnology, thus enabling to establish a fruitful collaboration with all other research groups in the CoE. The group has significant experience in performing inter-disciplinary research in stochastic processes. The main research topics are: anomalous transport; structure formation and phase transitions; influence of plasma on materials; noise-generated phenomena in superconductors; cell/nanoparticle sorting in molecular biology. We will elaborate corresponding theoretical models that will be tested in collaborative experiments. One of the strengths of the group is the knowledge on capillary electromigration methods which together with molecular biology knowledge (G5) and development of new materials (G3) helps to improve the system-level understanding of the functioning of living cells. Specially designed microfluidic devices would be developed to apply stochastic effects on cell/nanoparticle sorting (G6).

G4 group:

  1. Romi Mankin, PhD
  2. Ain Ainsaar, PhD
  3. Andi Kivinukk, PhD
  4. Tõnu Laas, PhD
  5. Jaanis Priimets, PhD
  6. Astrid Rekker, PhD
  7. Ako Sauga, PhD
  8. Ruth Shimmo, PhD
  9. Erkki Soika, PhD
  10. Maria Zeltser, PhD
  11. Kalle Truus, PhD
  12. Ülo Ugaste, DSc


  1. Katrin Laas, doctoral student
  2. Veroonika Shirokova, doctoral student
  3. Anna Šeletski, doctoral student