December 10th, 2011

Research plan:

G3 from Tallinn University of Technology is active in the field of chemistry and deposition of metal oxide and of binary and ternary metal sulfide thin films by wet chemical methods such as sol-gel spray and chemical spray pyrolysis (CSP). G3 main strength is the chemical analysis of formation, structure and thermal behaviour of intermediate complexes as precursors for the films. The parameters of chemical processes are used to model the material via the solutions, deposition and/or calcination temperatures. G3 has obtained notable success on the preparation of metal oxide and metal sulfide thin films for electronics, sensorics and photovoltaics. G3 invented the technology for manufacturing ZnO layers comprising nanorods/nanowires by CSP and solar cells based on those. G3 has joint publications with G2 on sensor materials.

G3 will develop functional mesomaterials by wet chemical methods for light harvesting, plasmonphotonics (together with G1 and G2) and biosensorics (G5), and new materials stable against radiational damage (G1).

G3 group:

  1. Malle Krunks, PhD
  2. Tatjana Dedova, PhD
  3. Jaan Hiie, PhD
  4. Arvo Mere, PhD
  5. Ilona Oja Acik, PhD
  6. Atanas Katerski, MSc


  1. Erki Kärber, doctoral student
  2. Natalia Maticiuc, doctoral student
  3. Kairi Otto, doctoral student
  4. Tufan Can, master's student
  5. Agne Junolainen, master's student
  6. Merike Vent, master's student