December 10th, 2011

Research plan:

The group has excellent track-record in material and optical research with experimental methods. It has been active in developing advanced spectroscopic methods like spectral hole-burning and singlemolecule optical spectroscopy and in their application to large variety of systems and processes ranging from complex biological structures to diamond-based materials. In recent years the group has put a lot of attention on techniques utilizing dopant molecules and ions in solids as nanoemitters/markers or as extremely selective and sensitive probes of local conditions. Novel techniques such as single-molecule imaging (SMI), confocal Raman- and luminescence microscopy, photon correlation spectroscopy have been implemented. In recent years these methods have been complemented by AFM and intensive numerical simulations. Pulsed laser deposition, sol-gel technology and focused ion beam lithography enable the fabrication of a large variety of meso- and nanosystems.

The group provides an essential support to G1 (experimental tests of theoretical models including plasmonic effects), G3 (characterization of synthesized structures), G4&G6 (experimental tests of theoretical models: stochastic diffusion by SMI) and G5 (experiments on plasmonic amplification of marker fluorescence in biological systems).

G2 group:

  1. Jaak Kikas, PhD
  2. Tea Avarmaa, PhD
  3. Mikhail Brik, PhD
  4. Leonid Dolgov, PhD
  5. Raivo Jaaniso, PhD
  6. Valter Kiisk, PhD
  7. Ilmar Kink, PhD
  8. Vambola Kisand, PhD
  9. Veera Krasnenko, PhD
  10. Anatoli Kuznetsov, PhD
  11. Arlentin Laisaar, PhD
  12. Sven Lange, PhD
  13. Rünno Lõhmus, PhD
  14. Ants Lõhmus, PhD
  15. Chonggeng Ma, PhD
  16. Koit Mauring, PhD
  17. Viktor Palm, PhD
  18. Boris Polyakov, PhD
  19. Valter Reedo, PhD
  20. Indrek Renge, PhD
  21. Alexey Romanov, PhD
  22. Kristjan Saal, PhD
  23. Ilmo Sildos, PhD
  24. Tanel Tätte, PhD


  1. Leonid Dorogin, doctoral student
  2. Aare Floren, doctoral student
  3. Kelli Hanschmidt, doctoral student
  4. Siim Hödemann, doctoral student
  5. Martin Järvekülg, doctoral student
  6. Margus Kodu, doctoral student
  7. Irina Kärkkänen, doctoral student
  8. Argo Lukner, doctoral student
  9. Madis Paalo, doctoral student
  10. Siim Pikker, doctoral student
  11. Margo Plaado, doctoral student
  12. Mihkel Rähn, doctoral student
  13. Jevgeni Šulga, doctoral student
  14. Martin Timusk, doctoral student
  15. Madis Umalas, doctoral student
  16. Urmas Vesi, doctoral student
  17. Sergei Vlassov, doctoral student
  18. Raul Välbe, doctoral student