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"Mesosystems - Theory and Applications" (MESO) is a new Estonian centre of excellence (CoE) in research. It is based on research cooperation of 3 universities:

Download MESO Action Plan (pdf, 2011-2015).

Quick intro: Mesosystems lie in between the macroworld and atomic dimensions with extending quantum coherence from the size of atoms to micron and above. They have prospects for numerous novel applications in optoelectronics, informatics, photonics, diagnostics, sensorics etc. New theories leading to description of new materials and processes of intermolecular interactions and recognition, also to development of new research methods are needed. We will develop theoretical methods and models to handle phenomena on meso- and nanoscale, to test them experimentally and propose based on them applications. In particular, the CoE seeks to develop plasmonic metamaterials, "plasmonic crystals" and study "plasmonic invisibility". Methods of simulations of ultrafast nonlinear dynamics of mesosystems and biologically important molecules, nonlinear plasmon-photonics on discrete photon level, prediction and study of new superconducting, magnetic and radiationally stable mesosystems will be developed.